Customized Solutions that Deliver Results

Leadership Development


Business: Logistics

Goal: A newly formed department needed to gain a better understanding of the capabilities of their leaders and new ideas to generate growth.

Solution: Developed an 8 month program that paired cross-functional teams of high-potentials with members of the leadership team as coaches. Teams were assigned specific organizational challenges and tasked with developing innovative solutions to address them, while developing their leadership and teamwork capabilities. 

Outcome: Provided visibility to high potential talent and created actionable solutions.

Sales Training


Business: Consumer Packaged Goods

Goal: Two business units in growth mode merged, with two distinct sales teams.  They wanted uplift across the combined business for sustainable growth for the organization, and individuals.

Solution: Assessed and identified foundational sales skills and processes for both business units.  Created a curriculum and established business cadences to drive consistent results. 

Outcome: Opened new career paths, enabled business forecasting and monitoring and empowered customer-driven innovation.

Performance Support


Business: Fresh Food & Drug Store

Goal: National drug store chain was going to begin selling Fresh Food (produce) in inner-city "Food Desert" locations and needed to prepare store employees.

Solution: Enabled national implementation of fresh food categories by designing on-the-job learning materials such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), picture based scan tags for the check-out associates, and “did you know” calendars for the break rooms.  

Outcome: Improved front-line profitability which lead to deployment in 5000+ stores.

Learning Content


Business: Foodservice Sales 

Goal: Missing volume targets on a specific set of products. Needed new hires to quickly learn products, customer benefits, and develop the confidence to speak and demonstrate product to the decision maker.

Solution: Designed a half day, blended learning module allowing participants time to use the products, cook with the ingredients, engage in dialogue with experts and learn from their peers. 

Outcome: Immediate improvement in volume for targeted products.

Sales Enablement & Change


Business: Fortune 300 Organization 

Goal: Sales approach and skills inconsistent throughout organization leading to a varying customer experience and missed sales opportunities. Lack of coordination across sales force. 

Solution: A revised go to market approach and change management consulting, including role adjustments, revised sales rules and customized sales training programs. 

Outcome: Record sales in the first year following full implementation.   

Innovation and Recognition


Business: Travel & tourism 

Goal: Improving employee engagement and performance across a decentralized, global organization.  Harnessing innovation with all employees.

Solution: Evolved the former employee suggestion system into combined innovation and performance-based recognition program. 

Outcome: Doubled the participation rate in the first year after launch.